“I have been visiting Carly for prenatal massages throughout my second pregnancy. I had a previous c section and was looking forward to a natural birth this time. Carly’s massage sessions has helped my body relax, in preparation for the birth and I had an amazing birth delivering my beautiful girl weighing 3.9kg naturally. Her post natal massages which helped in my recovery are a must-have for all new mothers. I’m so grateful to have Carly in this wonderful journey.”

– Andrea Ho

“I’ve been seeing Carly for several years for remedial massage however she has also helped me with other forms of healing, such as the flower essences and chakra balancing, so not only does my body feel balanced but I also leave feeling emotionally balanced. I love that Carly uses her ‘tool box’ to individualise the treatments and explains the meaning behind them and how they help you heal. Carly has a beautiful, caring soul and I’m so glad I have her in my life to help heal and balance my body and soul!”

– Kylie Darby

“I came to Carly to start getting regular massages to help with stress relief and my poor circulation. From the first visit I realised I was going to get so much more, and over the past 8 months she has not only helped with my initial needs, but also facilitated healing for me in many ways. Through polarity therapy & massage Carly has helped me become more aware of my energies and how I can be more in control of my own physical, emotional & spiritual healing. She has a very intuitive and calming nature, and for me the treatments have been a positive and transformational experience.”

– Kristen Gill

“I visited Carly monthly during my pregnancy and weekly immediately after the birth of my daughter. These treatments were essential in preparing me for the birth and aiding a speedy recovery and smooth adjustment to motherhood. Forget flowers, chocolates and booties – post-natal massages are THE BEST gift you could get a new mother.
Carly is so caring and understanding to the emotional and physical needs of both baby and child. The treatments left me feeling relaxed, balanced and even more connected to my baby.”

~ Renée Boucher

“I have been having healings, energy work and different forms of spiritual based massage for quite some time now. Having a couple of regular workers that I see, I like to try new ones every now and then. I saw Carly Flinn one day for a Kahuna massage. WOW!! Is the short way to sum it up! But to be more precise, it was such an amazing experience. The massage itself feeling like I was some sort of flame floating on water! After the session was complete, I felt on top of the world. Like all my chakra’s were completely in balance and in sync. It’s like I had a coat of armour on that would shield off any low vibrational energies. Carly is a delightful person too, from the moment she greeted me with a firm hug; I knew that I was in for a pleasant experience. Carly is now on my regular rotation, and has helped further transform myself into a higher vibration! I highly recommend her to anyone!”

~ James Corbett

“Experiencing Carly’s beautiful Kahuna body work sessions is a powerful healing that brings deep relaxation and peace of mind, body and soul.”

~ Petta KneeLah Artist/Healer

“My name is Gordon Wagner. I am writing this because I would like people to know how awesome Carly is. Carly is extremely dedicated to continuously learning and training in all areas of body and energy work but her passion is particularly evident when you get a treatment from her. She goes way beyond what she needs to, every time she has worked on me she has given way more than 100%. She could easily get away with giving only half as much during her treatments but it is obvious when receiving a treatment that it is not an effort for her. She clearly enjoys and benefits from the process herself, in a big way. I can honestly say that every time I have had work done I have been left feeling amazing within myself afterwards. So thank you Carly!”

~ Gordon Wagner

“Carly is a highly skilled massage and bodywork professional and a fantastic facilitator of the services she offers. I first experienced a combination of massage & polarity therapy and recently had Carly’s Kahuna bodywork treatment, which exceeded all my expectations.

Each time I have been treated by Carly, I have found it to be much more than just a body massage. It seems that Carly has a way of coaxing my muscles to release old, stored grief and pain. I believe that we hold trauma and pain from our past in our muscles, and feel that Carly has exceptional ability in aiding the permanent release of these stored emotions from the body.

Kahuna bodywork with Carly was unlike any body treatment I have ever experienced. It was wonderful. It was ‘free-ing’. It was absolutely amazing. It enabled me to release much stored grief, both during and in the few days following the treatment. I felt lighter on an emotional level and my body responded so well, I am very much looking forward to my next one!”

~ Michelle Byrne (Dip Music), Musician & Sound Therapist

“Carly’s service was attentive from start to finish she even helped my find a park:). I didn’t know what kind of treatment i wanted so she tailored a treatment for me based on her extensive skills, the combination of massage and body work that followed was both relaxing and pain relieving. Afterwards she desighned a flower essence for me specific to my emotional needs at the time. I highly recomend her for both physical and emotional healing.”

~ Jess Moore

“After having 2babies 17mth appart I hit the gym extremely hard. I’m a competitive powerlifter and picking 2.5 times your body weight off the floor takes it’s toll on your body. I see Carly quite often for both body maintenence and repair. Every time I walk in broken, I walk out fixed. She has the most amazing hands I’ve ever come across. She knows exactly where I need fixing before I say anything. I have had massages by many people and Carly is by far the best! Not only does she have magic hands she is a fantastic easy going person. I’m so glad I found her and highly recomend her!”

~ Yolandie Weir

“As an amateur athlete, business owner and gym junky I put my body and mind through the ringer on a daily basis. For the past 4 years Carly has been an integral part of my ‘team’, putting me back into alignment each time. Her intuition allows her to combine the perfect mix of massage and other healing methods to leave my body and mind feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.”

~ Michelle Koen

“I visited Carly after a motorbike accident which left me quite battered and bruised. Carly used various techniques and modalities of healing which supported my body through the healing process. This included polarity therapy to work with energy blockages and stagnancy, bowen therapy to gently loosen constricted muscles, tendons and ligaments, and lymphatic drainage massage to move toxins from the tissue damage out of my body. I was really happy with the progress of my healing. I felt supported energetically, emotionally, and physically. Carly’s knowledge of such a diverse array of techniques meant that she could totally work WITH my body, to achieve the most natural form of healing possible.”

~ Rohan Smith

“I recently had the relaxing pleasure of seeing Carly while on a trip back to Adelaide. Carly has a beautiful energy and relaxing hands! I wish I could of brought her back to London to continue my much needed massages! Thank you!!

~Lou Marshall

“Carly is just a wonderful soul, her massages were fantastic. Remedial or relaxing, it was a great experience. Her knowledge on the different styles of massage is diverse and well learned. She is a scholar and a kind, deep spirit who I call a friend. I totally recommend Carly for your next massage…. try because you will certainly return. “

~ Stacey Nelan