Pre/Post Natal Massage

Pre and post natal care is something I am extremely passionate about. It is an absolute honour and joy to be support a woman on her journey into motherhood, whether it be her first, second or sixth child. Pregnancy is such an incredible and deeply sacred time, nurturing and growing a child inside of you, connecting with your creation and birthing them into this world.



Pre-natal consultations take place at my studio space or in your home (by negotiation*).

Massage is performed with you in a side-lying position, which is the safest, and most comfortable position to receive massage during pregnancy. Bolsters and pillows, as well as extra towels are used to support your body. It is truly a relaxing and snuggly experience!

Post- natal consultations take place in your own home. These are not just about receiving massage/polarity therapy, but are a time to receive support and advice on matters relating to self-care, tips on breastfeeding, understanding baby cries and whatever else may arise on the day. Massage and energy balancing techniques can be shown to assist you in calming and comforting your baby.

I have found that it is best to commence post natal massage care as close to the birth as possible. By balancing a woman’s emotional state, and easing any post labour related aches and pains, the bond and connection between mother, child and partner is strengthened, and allows for much more enjoyment.

Pre/post natal packages are available and also include at least one flower essence remedy specifically blended to support you during this time.

A package or gift voucher is a perfect gift for a baby shower, and provides an opportunity to recognise and celebrate the mother and not just the new child. A great gift for a friend, family member or work colleague for them to receive some pampering!

*home pre natal visits will incur an additional fee

“I visited Carly monthly during my pregnancy and weekly immediately after the birth of my daughter. These treatments were essential in preparing me for the birth and aiding a speedy recovery and smooth adjustment to motherhood. Forget flowers, chocolates and booties – post-natal massages are THE BEST gift you could get a new mother.
Carly is so caring and understanding to the emotional and physical needs of both baby and child. The treatments left me feeling relaxed, balanced and even more connected to my baby.”

~ Renée Boucher

“I have been visiting Carly for prenatal massages throughout my second pregnancy. I had a previous c section and was looking forward to a natural birth this time. Carly’s massage sessions has helped my body relax, in preparation for the birth and I had an amazing birth delivering my beautiful girl weighing 3.9kg naturally. Her post natal massages which helped in my recovery are a must-have for all new mothers. I’m so grateful to have Carly in this wonderful journey.”

– Andrea Ho