Cancellations and No Shows (forgotten appointments)

A cancellation fee of 50% is charged if less than 24hrs notice is provided

Understandably sometimes we are unable to attend an appt and provide 24 hrs notice, things happen. However if you know in advance you are not able to attend please advise Carly at your earliest convenience.

No Shows

If you forget your appt and do not show up for it, an invoice will be sent requesting full payment of your appt.

Not only are you missing out on your session, so is another that would have loved to have experienced a treatment. You miss out, Carly loses income and another client loses the opportunity for an appt…..

Please respect this policy. Carly is running a business and is flexible, yet this is the basis of her income. If you missed an appt with another practictioner, chiro, physio etc, they would request payment for the missed appt.

As a client you know that often you have to wait a few weeks to get in to see Carly on a desirable day at a suitable time. There are many others in this boat also. I have fairly full books and only one of me!

If you do miss an appointment due to no show, please note, that no future booking is permitted until the outstanding fee is paid.  And prepayment may be requested for any future payments.